Please remember the RSL Sub Branch is only as strong as its membership.

What are the benefits of membership?

You can help in the work of maintaining the hard won benefits for those who have served or are currently serving in the defence of our Country and for those who will carry the Defence burden in the future.


Members can contribute to the welfare and well being of their less fortunate ex-service colleagues and their dependents, or members can be helped if need be.


The League provides a facility to continue the camaraderie of service life.


The RSL provides opportunity to maintain the Spirit of ANZAC through pride in Australia and the encouragement of our youth.

Who can join the RSL?

Any person who has served in any of the Australian Defence Forces in either of the two World Wars or in any thereafter of conflict, or for not less than six months in the Regular or Reserve Forces of any of the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations or of the United States of America or a country not an enemy of Australia, may join.

Service Membership

For those who have served in the Australian Defence Forces or with Allied Forces in any theatre of conflict or for not less than six months in the Regular or Reserve Forces.

Service Membership

Affiliate Membership

For those who are related to a person eligible for Service Membership or who work for a paramilitary force such as Fire Brigade, Nurses, or Emergency Services.

Affiliate Membership

Social Membership

For those not eligible for Service or Affiliate membership. Those eligible for the above memberships must not apply for the relevant membership not social.

Contact for Social membership



Service Member $40, Affiliate Membership $20, Social Membership $15. Cheque Donation (Optional).